Discover the benefits - simplify
your freight, warehousing and distribution

Think of us as your own transport department

InterCentral takes the transport burden off your shoulders to give you peace of mind. We coordinate the activities of multiple carriers, monitor their performance, and respond to challenges with clear and decisive action. With an additional layer of accountability, we keep your freight running smoothly.

The benefits we offer include:

Consolidate and centralise

Avoid the stress of juggling multiple carriers. By teaming-up with InterCentral, you combine multiple carriers into one. By only dealing with us, you simplify your communication, invoicing, and issue resolution, so you can focus on the core areas of your business.

Maintain and boost quality

In addition to the day-to-day administration and management of your freight and logistics, InterCentral monitors the performance of carriers to ensure quality standards are upheld. Using feedback from stock controllers about timing, customer service, administration and conflict resolution, we ensure your freight and logistics are running smoothly to maintain customer satisfaction, boost your image and deliver superior results.

Get the best rates for all regions

Some carriers have offer great rates for one region, but not for others. If your freight is transported over several regions, InterCentral finds the best rates for each leg. In addition, by dealing in bulk transport we’re able to offer transport management at very competitive rates.

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